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If you are under 18, you will only be allowed to leave the premises at the end of the examination if you hand in a signed copy of the form below.
Remember to bring it with you on the first day of your examination.
Consent-to-leave-the-premises  55.79kB
Candidates under 18 must hand in this consent on the first day of the examination.
information-sheet_for-candidates  35.32kB
Info leaflet - summary of key info, incl. prices
podminky_registrace_online  316.64kB
Terms and Conditions of Registration - READ CAREFULLY - in the application form, you have to sign complying with them!!
summary_regulation_notice  524.25kB
Regulations for Candidates - READ PAGE 1 CAREFULLY BEFORE THE EXAM - you have signed complying with them!!; for brief summary of rules, useful advice and tips, see page 2
test_day_photo  125.45kB
test day photo - further information
test_day_photo_consent  189.57kB
- text of the consent to having a photo taken on the test day; for students under 18, this has to be signed by your parent/legal guardian - info will be provided
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