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from Dec. 13
NAK_LT_FC1_2015_Test1_R+UoE.pdf  16.79MB
Reading and Use of English (Part 1,2,5,6,7). Listening Part 4
from Nov. 29
U2_Speaking_Part2_Football-Games_Travelling.pdf  4.84MB
for each set of photographs, with the task/question for both Candidate A and Candidate B
NAK_U2_phrasal-verbs.pdf  35.85kB
Czech equivalents of phrasal verbs from Unit 2
from Nov. 22
NAK_LT2_RUoE3-5.pdf  1.82MB
Listening (Microlight) + Reading and Use of English
from Nov. 8
from Oct. 25
from Oct. 18
U1_LT_Speaking_Grammar  1.07MB
Listening Part 1, Speaking Part 1, Grammar - present tenses
from Sept. 27
Speaking - Overview + Part 1 - for this and the following handouts introducing the Speaking Parts, see Archive - Writing, Speaking
Writing - Essay: Format + Tips - for this and all following handouts introducing the FCE writing formats, see Archive - Writing, Speaking

from Sept. 20, 2017
U1_need_Paper1-Part1.pdf  553.65kB
didn't need to x needn't have; multiple choice (Reading+UoE Part 1)
U1_need_HOMEWORK.pdf  186.16kB
didn't need to x needn't have - extra practice
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