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FCE prep course

  Application forms for your FCE/CAE exams will have to be submitted plus the payment made by
  April 26 - exact information will be given in our lesson on April 18. To help you see how you would
  do in the exam now, we will run a mock exam before you get the application forms.

  The mock exam will comprise Paper 1 (Reading and Use of English) and Paper 3 (Listening), i.e.
  will take ca 2 hours 15 minutes, and will be held on Wednesday April 11, starting at 1.45 pm (to
  be confirmed).

  If necessary, make arrangements to be present for the mock exam!

HOMEWORK for March 28
  1) Writing (Part 1, essay) SB p. 79 / ex. 7 - make sure you:
      • mention and appropriately develop the three points to write about
      • start each main paragraph with a good topic sentence
      • remember to use a variety of linking words, and a range of vocabulary and grammatical forms
  2) SB p. 62 / ex. 3 (word formation)
  3) WB p. 30 / ex. 2 + before the lesson, check all your answers in the key
+ remember to bring the Speaking Part 4 handout from March 21 (see Archive - Handouts etc.).

For past materials and handouts, go to Archive - handouts etc. / Archive - Writing, Speaking
FCE 2018: exam dates, useful websites
WRITING: Assessment Tables
Paste a copy of the mark scheme table to each of your writings.
MarkScheme_Ss.jpg  970.71kB
FCE mark scheme - jpg
MarkScheme_Ss.odt  1.74MB
FCE mark scheme - odt
MarkScheme_Ss.pdf  630.14kB
FCE mark scheme - pdf
Assessing-Writing_categories-explained   30.27kB
Table explaining what concretely each of the 4 categories in FCE mark scheme focuses on
● RECOGNITION OF FCE (CAE) in the Czech Republic
For the list of examples of organisations which accept or use FCE (CAE) certificates, see below (the list is updated frequently):
For recognition in other countries, look up the country and exam you are interested in at:
at, do the new exercises which will have been
1)assigned - always submit the task by Monday evening (VAK) / Wednesday 8 a.m. (NAK).
Paper1_answersheet  135.82kB
Reading and Use of English - answersheet
Paper2_answersheet  99.99kB
Writing - answersheet
Paper3_answersheet  131.15kB
Listening - answersheet
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