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FCE prep course

HOMEWORK for Dec. 20
Revise vocabulary from the previous lessons, and do the following exercises:

1) "Exam Skills" - Practice Test - "Reading and Use of English" (selected parts) - see below
1) for Parts 5+6+7 ("Reading"), highlight/underline the evidence for your answers!

For past materials and handouts, go to Archive - Handouts etc. / Archive - Writing, Speaking
NAK_LT_FC1_2015_Test1_R+UoE.pdf  16.79MB
Reading and Use of English (Part 1,2,5-7), Listening Part 4 (sci-fi author)
FCE 2018: exam dates, useful websites
WRITING: Assessment Tables
Paste a copy of the mark scheme table to each of your writings.
MarkScheme_Ss.jpg  970.71kB
FCE mark scheme - jpg
MarkScheme_Ss.odt  1.74MB
FCE mark scheme - odt
MarkScheme_Ss.pdf  630.14kB
FCE mark scheme - pdf
Assessing-Writing_categories-explained   30.27kB
Table explaining what concretely each of the 4 categories in FCE mark scheme focuses on
● RECOGNITION OF FCE (CAE) in the Czech Republic
For the list of examples of organisations which accept or use FCE (CAE) certificates, see below (the list is updated frequently):
For recognition in other countries, look up the country and exam you are interested in at:
at, do the new exercises which will have been
1)assigned - always submit the task by Monday evening (VAK) / Wednesday 8 a.m. (NAK).
Paper1_answersheet  135.82kB
Reading and Use of English - answersheet
Paper2_answersheet  99.99kB
Writing - answersheet
Paper3_answersheet  131.15kB
Listening - answersheet
Or visit this link or this one